ParcelGenie Launches on Windows Phone 7

ParcelGenie has launched the world’s first ‘Instant Gift Messaging’ service on Windows Phone 7.

ParcelGenie takes the concept of sending e-greeting cards and applies it to physical, 3-dimensional gift that can be sent to friends and family using just a virtual contact address, such as email, social network ID, or a mobile phone number.

To use ParcelGenie, download the app, then select a gift from the gift catalogue, enter the recipient’s mobile number, and pay. In seconds, notification of your gift purchase is pinged to your friend’s mobile phone as a text message alert (which asks them to text their delivery address to ParcelGenie, on its secure system). As soon as ParcelGenie receives the delivery address from the recipient, the physical gift is packaged up and dispatched along with an optional printed message from the sender. If another gift is later sent to the same number, the gift will be dispatched immediately, as the address is already registered. ParcelGenie gifts typically cost less than £5, including postage. They range from key rings to chocolate, from personalised badges to bath bombs.

“ParcelGenie adds a new dimension to communication,” says CEO, John Taylor. “We’re delighted to launch our service on Windows Phone 7. ParcelGenie offers Windows Phone customers the chance to send real little gifts spontaneously, instantly, and affordably. And the Windows Phone platform provides the perfect channel for us to debut our mobile service.” John Taylor, CEO.

There’s a video demo of the app here.