Parents get more control over YouTube Kids content

YouTube Kids content optionsYouTube has begun giving parents more control over the content their children watch within the YouTube Kids app by enabling them to personally select all the videos and channels their kids can watch.

The parental control feature was originally announced by YouTube back in April but has now finally begun rolling out globally – first to Android with iOS ‘coming soon’.

Parents now have the option of opening settings, going to their child’s profile and selecting ‘approved content only’. Doing so will mean that their child is only able to view the videos, channels, and collections that have been pre-approved by their parent. The feature also blocks kids from being able to search for content on their own.

On top of this, YouTube has introduced a new part of the app aimed at older kids. This version of the app is geared toward eight to 12-year-olds and features additional content like popular music and gaming videos. Parents are able to switch their child to the ‘Older’ version when they see fit and are able to switch between it, the ‘Younger’ version, and parent-approved content whenever they like.

For the time being, the ‘Older’ option within the YouTube Kids app is only rolling out in the US, but YouTube says it has plans to expand globally.