Parlez Vous iPhone?

Paragon Software Group, which develops software and provides content for mobiles and desktop PCs, has teamed up with PONS, which supplies green dictionaries and self-study materials, to launch a series of multilingual dictionaries for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
PONS linguistic dictionary content has been combined with Paragons SlovoEd engine to bring dictionary content to iPhone users, beginning with the most popular titles: PONS Advanced English, PONS Advanced French and PONS Advanced Italian.
The dictionary database is powered by PONS under the SlovoEd application engine and contains 117,171 entries. No Internet connection is required to use the application. Simply download the dictionary once to use it on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Audio modules contain nearly 40,000 live voice pronunciations pre-recorded by native speakers. The History feature shows the last 15 translated words, while the Cross-Lookup feature offers an easy check of language comprehension.
The SlovoEd engine compresses the dictionary content to a minimum of memory space, while allowing the user to perform multiple learning, word reference and translation functions as quickly as possible. The SlovoEd dictionary offers users a wide choice of more than 120 dictionaries for 30 languages, and the best dictionary content from such world-famous publishers.
The multilingual PONS dictionary series is available now for $24.99 (12.50) from the Apple Store. The programs are supported by iPhones with firmware 2.0, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch with firmware 2.0.