PartyPoker Brings Fastforward Poker App to UK

partypoker-GUI-tutorial-fastforward-special-editionPartyPoker has brought its popular Fastforward poker variant to mobile players in the UK, Ireland, Austria and Sweden.

The app, available in iOS and Android versions, uses as swipe-based interface that enables players to fully engage with the game using only one hand. The app is currently being offered as a beta version, and PartyPoker are hoping players can provide them with feedback on new features that can be added in the future.

The app uses HTML5 technology and has been built with a mobile-first philosophy. It is separate to the main PartyPoker app – while a version of the Fastforward game is available on the main app, PartyPoker described the standalone version as “the stallion in our stable of poker products”, and say it offers an enhanced experience, with more interactive controls.