Pass The Juice Jack

There cant be many people out there who have not found themselves, at
some time or another, with a mobile phone that they cant use because
the battery is dead. This is the problem that UK start-up Juice Jack is aiming to solve with its universal mobile phone charger of the same
name. According to the company, the device works with 90% of mobile
phones and PDAs out there.
Juice Jack is intended to act as a temporary top-up
solution for mobile users on the move who find themselves running out
of juice. The company is not pitching the device at consumers, but as a
b2b proposition. It wants to get distribution in pubs, cafes and office
reception areas, the idea being that anyone could use the charger for
half an hour or so, in return for a 1 donation to the providers
charity of choice, with the donation made via SMS.
The device is the
brainchild of UK businessman Nigel Williams, who says he came up with
the idea when his own phone ran out of juice in a pub a couple of years
ago. Since then, hes been busy designing, refining and sourcing the
product, and is now trying to get one of the mobile networks onboard to
take the product on.
This would be a fantastic branding opportunity for one of the
networks, says Williams. The charger has been designed to carry
advertising, and given the nature of the product, it would have a lot
of goodwill associated with it. It would also enable the network to
help their charity of choice, or they could leave it to local
businesses to decide which charity they wanted to benefit. Williams
took his initial batch of 1,000 units to a pub trade show in March and
saw them duly snapped up. Hes now waiting for someone to step up to
the plate to help him roll out the Juice Jack nationwide. Anyone
interested should email