Path Introduces Premium Subscription

Path has introduced a Premium version of its private social network, charging users an annual or monthly subscription in exchange for unlimited use of its current paid-for items, including stickers and photo filters, as well as early access to new items. 

These items were previously the only way Path had of monetising its 20m users, as its app is free and not ad-supported. A Premium subscription costs $14.99 (£9.60) annually, $1.99 monthly (on Android only) or $4.99 quarterly (on iOS only).

The move comes as part of version 3.2 of Path on iOS and Android, which also adds private sharing and inner circle groups.

Path has also announced two partnerships: one with Samsung, to integrate its app into the Galaxy Gear smart watch, and another with Deutsche Telekom, which will see Path preloaded on the operators phones and its subscribers granted a free year of Premium usage.