Patisserie Valerie links up with Yoyo Wallet on mobile payments and loyalty

Tyrone Stewart

Patisserie ValeriePatisserie Valerie, a chain of cafes in the UK, is set to launch a mobile payments and loyalty app for its customers.

The Patisserie Valerie app, built and powered by Yoyo Wallet, will be rolled out to all 155 of the chain’s locations across the UK and Ireland. It will enable customers to pay via the app, collect loyalty points, redeem rewards, and get digital receipts.

The solution uses Yoyo’s Commerce API, which will enable Patisserie Valerie to collect anonymised customer basket data and use this to offer personalised rewards and offers.

“Patisserie Valerie is thrilled to announce our partnership with Yoyo, which is the first in a range of initiatives we will be launching over the next few months to enhance our in-store customer experience,” said Steve Francis, CEO of Patisserie Holdings PLC.

The Patisserie Valerie app will be available for customers to download in 2019.

EasyCoffee, an EasyJet sister company, will also be launching a Yoyo-powered app-based payments and loyalty solution in 2019.