Pay Bills and Get Cardless Cash with BBM Money

Although times are tough at BlackBerry, Monitise is still updating their BBM Money joint venture, with users now able to pay a range of bills using the platform, make cardless ATM withdrawals and use it over wi-fi.

BBM Money users will be able to pay bills including utilities, credit cards, phone contracts and internet packages. 5m Indonesians could also benefit from being able to top-up electricity accounts paid to the state distributor PLN. The use of BBM Money at ATMs is extension of a cardless cash withdrawal service offered by Indonesias PermataBank, another member of the JV.

Until now, people could only use BlackBerry Messenger Money on their mobile data plan but wi-fi is now supported. The service is still only available in Indonesia, where the companies are hoping to sign up 200,000 people by the end of the year.