payleven Goes on Sale in Apple Stores

For those waiting with baited breath for mobile payments to be on offer at all your local market stalls, that day could be one step closer as payleven goes on sale in Apple’s European high street and online stores.

The Rocket Internet-backed company is hoping this lucrative retail spot, similar to a deal reached by Square in Apples US stores, will help it fight off a host of European rivals. The free payleven iOS and Android app links with the £99 chip and PIN reader via bluetooth and will come with £20 worth of credit for accepting payments. Transactions can be made anywhere with mobile or wi-fi signal and are charged at an industry standard rate of 2.75 per cent with no monthly costs.

Competitor SumUp offers its card reader for free, while Intuit has knocked the cost of its machine down from £99 to £49 after initial free trials. It now offers 10 free transactions to new users and has recently teamed up with StartUp Britain and Love Your Local High Street to boost uptake. iZettles card reader is likewise £49. The battle has now made it to Google as these players have started buying search terms based on their competitors brand names.

Although it has high expectations, PayPal is yet to offer its Here solution in Europe and it still hasnt outlined details of its charges.