payleven Launches Loyalty Programme for Small Business

Payleven_0payleven Chip & PIN merchants will soon be able to create customisable loyalty programmes to tempt buyers back to their stores.

The digital loyalty cards work with the payleven app used by retailers in store. After the customer makes a purchase, they are asked at the mPOS till – a smartphone or tablet – to enter their email address. They then receive an opt-in email asking them to register, giving them access to a payleven dashboard where they can review the points they have earned. The retailer can then create loyalty programmes, see the user’s shopping activity and invite them back with promotions.

The platform is currently in open beta for payleven users in the UK, with terminals on sale in Screwfix, and Germany. The company says this new platform will help it go beyond payments. payleven COO Alston Zecha said that growing the number of loyal customers by just 5 per cent can increase turnover by anything from 25 to 90 per cent.

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