Payment One Passes $5bn

PaymentOne, which provides “frictionless” payment and carrier billing solutions, has revealed that the company has surpassed $5bn (£3bn) in micro-payment transactions.

PaymentOne enables publishers and digital merchants such as AOL, Blizzard Entertainment and Gaia Online to sell virtual goods, Internet and mobile services and recurring digital subscriptions to consumers around the world through a simple, secure process that places charges on their mobile phone, fixed-line or broadband service bills, without requiring any disclosure of credit card or sensitive financial information.

The company launched its solution for internet-based services more than 10 years ago, and has secured several key patents for mobile payments; simple user experience using a phone number as the basic driver; and its secure “fraud-proof” payer authentication process. PaymentOnes AnyPhone solution is the industry’s first multi-mode carrier billing payments service, automatically detecting the best and least cost way to bill the consumer from virtually any connected device, using mobile, fixed-line or broadband bills. 

“Previously, merchants and publishers were not able to reach the many consumers that could not or would not transact with traditional credit card process online,” says PaymentOne executive vice president, Brad Singer. “Our vision of enabling more consumers to participate in the digital economy still drives the company today. For the billions of global consumers with a mobile, fixed-line or broadband connection, PaymentOne says: ‘Put your wallet away’ and use your phone number to pay.”