PaymentOne Becomes PayOne

Carrier billing company PaymentOne has rebranded itself as PayOne, and launched a One-Click mPayments platform. The company, which was formed 12 years ago, was the first to use the direct-to-bill payment method, according to the company – and, as remote mobile payments have been predicted by Jupiter Research to surpass $250bn by 2016, the time has come to simplify their offering.

“Different from offline and eCommerce, every added data element or keystroke required of a mobile consumer on the small screen is a serious point of friction and a measurable point of failure or fall-off for a merchant,” says Joe Lynam, CEO of PayOne. “Requiring the consumer to enroll, pre-register, provide sensitive personal or credit card data or establish a separate user name and password to make a simple payment amounts to far too much friction for a mobile user. The new PayOne brand represents our mission to streamline and eliminate every single step, process and keystroke possible to optimize the mobile payment experience for the consumer and our partner merchants.”

The company also announced that Snap MyLife, developer of consumer cloud-service apps, has signed up to use PayOnes AnyPhone service to power its subscription payments on mobile.