PaymentOne Launches mCommerce SDK for App Devs

Mobile payments solutions company PaymentOne has launched PayOne Mobile SDK – a set of tools that enable developers to monetise premium and freemium Android apps. 

The PayOne Mobile SDK features an Android One Click API, which enables app devs to set up one click payment options. 

“The toughest challenge any developer faces is how to make money from their apps,” says Brad Singer, executive vice president of PaymentOne. “Freemium is a great business model to engage consumers, and we enable developers to remove all friction at the point of purchase while maintaining a highly secure transaction. In a world where every connected device is commerce ready, PaymentOnes SDKs continue to optimise the payment process for the specific device, platform, media and user experience.”

The Android One Click API allows consumers to make in-app purchases over the PaymentOne network, which spans more than 70 countries and 3.5bn consumers. The OneClick API mechanism identifies the mobile phone number actioning a purchase request, and then texts an activation code to the phone. The app automatically pulls the code from the message and the purchase appears on the customers bill. 

Silmaril Softwares King of Trivia is one Android game that uses the system. “We didnt want King of Trivia players to be hassled with entering their personal credit card information while they are engaged in-game,” says Ashok Varma, Silmaril Software founder and CEO. “The PaymentOne Android payment process is truly a one click experience. Users dont have to enter their phone number or even a PIN code; the app does it all. Using mobile payments powered by PaymentOne also expands our market globally, and allows our audience of gamers that make in-app purchases to include non-credit card users and those who just arent comfortable sharing their private information.”

The PayOne Mobile SDK and Android One Click API are free for developers to use.  A transaction fee based on a percentage of each transaction is assessed to merchants. To start using the PayOne Mobile SDK and Android One Click API for your mobile app contact to set-up a developer account.