PayPal deepens partnership with Google Pay

PayPal has announced it is extending its partnership with Google across the search giants ecosystem, with the aim of enabling more seamless payment experiences for US users. PayPal already partners with Google to facilitate payments made through Google Pay and on Chrome mobile web browsers.

The new integrations will mean users who add PayPal to any one of Googles services will be able to have the option extended throughout the Google ecosystem with only minimal setup. For example, when adding their PayPal details to a Google Play account, users will be able to make the same details available as a payment option across Gmail, YouTube, Google Pay and Google Store, and even for peer-to-peer payments, without needing to log in again.

“Over the past few years, weve been focused on partnering across the industry to drive greater choice and flexibility in how and where our customers can pay – whether thats in mobile apps, online, in-store or across new contexts,” said Bill Ready, chief operating officer and executive vice president at PayPal. “As part of this effort, weve announced partnerships with leading payment networks, financial institutions and technology companies.

“PayPal and Google Pay share common goals of creating simple payment solutions across our platforms that enable people to shop more seamlessly. We look forward to continued collaboration that helps increase conversion for merchants and gives users the flexibility, security and speed that digital payments can offer.”