Peak Performance Creates Virtual Pop-up Stores among Rural Beauty

Tim Maytom

peakperformance_magichour_screen_01Outdoor sports brand Peak Performance has created a campaign targeting cyclists, golfers, ramblers and runners with virtual pop-up stores that aim to give consumers in rural areas free products when accessed at particularly times.

The innovative geo-location campaign creates digital pop-up stores during the 'magic hour' just before sunrise and again just before sunset, offering a limited number of free products from Peak Performance's spring and summer collection to anyone present.

The campaign aims to highlight the beauty of the environment during twilight, and encourage people to explore the great outdoors, with virtual stores placed in areas of natural beauty across Europe and Asia.

"The Magic Hour encourages people to get out of bed early for a morning round of golf or late evening run," said Philip Arvidson, art director at Perfect Fools, the creative agency behind the campaign.

"Those who make the effort can not only claim great Peak Performance gear but also discover beautiful handpicked locations. What could be a better way to experience the heart and soul of this outdoor brand?"

"The Magic Hour is a beautiful time of day and we want to encourage peopel to experience that time at fantastic locations," said Robin Salazar, online marketing and eCommerce manager at Peak Performance. "The virtual pop-up shops are an added incentive to experience sunrise or sunset, and bridge the physical-digital divide."