Pebble Smartwatches Drop in Price, Add Non-stop Activity Tracking

PebblePebble has announced a significant price cut for its smartwatches.

The price of the original plastic model has dropped from $149 to $99 (£99 in the UK, €129 in Europe), while the metallic Steel has fallen from $229 to $199 (£179 in the UK, €229 in Europe).

Pebble has also released a software update that enables continuous activity tracking and sleep monitoring background tracking. Its part of a larger push into the health and fitness space, which also sees partnerships with Misfit, Jawbone, and for apps that take advantage of the functionality.

With activity trackers still by far the most popular wearable device, its a sensible way of making the Pebble smartwatch more attractive to a mainstream audience.

This push is supported by a growth in the number of retailers selling the device, including Sprint stores in the US, and O2 and Amazon in the UK, and the Pebbles first availability in Benelux and Scandinavia.