Peel Launches Peel-In Ad Unit

Peel Smart RemotePeel Smart Remote has introduced an ad unit designed to change the way advertisers connect with TV viewers. The History Channel is the first advertiser to use the solution, called ‘Peel-In’ to drive tune-ins for its three-night “The World Wars” series, which opened last night and runs until Tuesday. The series looks at the three decades of fighting that broke out in 1914 and raged across Europe, Africa, China and the Pacific with the advent of the First World War.

The Peel Smart Remote app is preloaded on the latest Samsung, HTC and ZTE Android smartphones and tablets. It works with 3,500 brands of TVs and 600 set-top boxes, and has TV show listings for 110 countries. It features intelligent content recommendations to connect users with the TV programming that interests them the most. A patent-pending Twitter discovery algorithm also links users to the latest trending topics.

The patent-pending Peel-In solution enabled the 60 million-plus activated users of the Peel Smart Remote app to change the channel to a promoted TV show or movie; record the show on their DVR or set up a calendar reminder simply by clicking on a promotional banner.

As the ad unit is delivered on the Smart Remote app, the programmer knows exactly how many people tuned in, and who they are, including their location, brand of TV set, cable provider, and more.

“The History Channel is taking advantage of a truly disruptive technology,” said Peel CEO, Thiru Arunachalam. “We’re giving programming producers exactly what they need – a call to action that tunes viewers in directly to the program.”