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People's Choice 2018 Spotlight - Mobile Marketer of the Year

Tim Maytom

Our Effective Mobile Marketing Awards celebrate the best and brightest that the industry has to offer, and as a part of that, we think it's important that the industry itself has a voice in who receives our coveted awards.

With that in mind, our People's Choice categories let the mobile marketing industry vote for a winner from our shortlist of deserving nominees. Voting has already begun, but this week, we'll be shining a spotlight on each of the different People's Choice categories to give you more information before you make your decision.

Once you're ready to vote, head to our survey to pick your winners before midnight UK time on Friday 5 October. The People's Choice winners will be announced alongside the rest of our Awards at our lavish ceremony on Thursday 15 November. You can book your place at this annual highlight here.

Susannah Jacques, Hyundai
With over 10 years’ experience working with global brands, Susannah Jacques became senior manager in sponsorship, partnerships & events at Hyundai back in November 2016, having joined the firm at the start of the year as sponsorship and advertising manager. The brand has had a great year, earning numerous accolades and creating innovative campaigns, and Jacques has been at the centre of that, overseeing Hyundai’s activity across sponsorships, brand partnerships, product launches and experiential activity.

High-profile partnerships like Hyundai’s sponsorship of the Mercury Prize and its support of the Stand Up To Cancer charity drive have also seen it pushing hard to integrate digital channels into these events, enabling consumers to connect with and extend these experiences via social media, mobile and more. That hard work has already been recognised, with Jacques profiled as one of this year’s 10 marketing rising stars in Campaign’s Power 100 Next Generation, and also earned her a spot in this year’s Marketer of the Year nominees.

Sille Opstrup, Pernod Ricard UK
Sille Opstrup has led Pernod Ricard UK’s digital marketing efforts for six years now, bringing together the firm’s paid digital media, social media strategy, eCRM, data strategy and more. She has driven digital transformation at the firm, helping to establish both the eCommerce team and in-house creative agency, as well as overseeing the development of a fully-transparent proprietary tech stack that gives Pernod Ricard tight control over its own data and marketing efforts.

That strategy has paid dividends for the firm, and has also allowed the company to push for higher standards, like when the brand was among those supporting the WFA’s call for firms to go beyond the minimum steps required under GDPR’s guidelines. As well as guiding Pernod Ricard’s digital philosophy, Opstrup has also steered innovative campaigns this year, innovating in spaces like AI, voice and augmented reality.

Marc Pritchard, P&G
The chief brand officer at one of the world’s largest advertisers, Marc Pritchard caused massive waves at the start of last year when he demanded better from agencies and ad tech firms, and announced that P&G would be reviewing all of its contracts in an effort to clean up the digital media supply chain. Decrying the lack of efficiency and transparency, Pritchard has continued on his campaign to restore faith in advertising by chasing out the bad actors.
This year, Pritchard announced that P&G had slashed its digital media spending by nearly half by concentrating on efficiency and first-party data, and called for other firms to also rethink their marketing and seek to eliminate some of the touchpoints between them and the consumers they serve. A vocal advocate for bringing marketing in-house, he has also suggested that agencies need to renew their focus on creativity, as well as supporting the fight for gender equality in both content and behind the scenes.
Aline Santos, Unilever
As global executive vice president of marketing and head of diversity and inclusion at Unilever, Aline Santos sits at a unique intersection of power. By steering the spending of one of the world’s largest advertisers, she has the chance to dramatically impact the way the marketing industry operates, and its an opportunity she has taken. With the #Unstereotype initiative that launched from her team, she is aiming to break gender stereotypes in advertising, and encourage greater empathy and engagement.
Behind the scenes, she’s also working to achieve a gender-balanced workforce at all levels of Unilever, creating a truly inclusive environment that helps to get the most out of diversity and builds stronger teams. That’s all while overseeing pioneering campaigns from Unilever’s massive family of brands that place a focus on mobile-first communication and drive for high levels of efficiency and transparency.
Ben Sutherland, Diageo
Diageo has had a great year when it comes to mobile marketing, earning a nomination as for our People’s Choice Brand of the Year, and much of that is thanks to Ben Sutherland, who came on board the firm back in 2016 as its first ever chief digital officer. Sutherland has 20 years of experience in the world of digital marketing, and his skills and knowledge in the areas of marketing planning, strategy development and more have helped Diageo become a leading digital brand.
Sutherland has helped to transform thinking at the firm, encouraging his team to look to cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency and creativity. He has also pushed the company to take risks and experiment when it came to marketing, abandoning old preconceptions about the type of customers it could reach and the best methods to reach them. This data-driven approach is yielding great results, and helping to reach new untapped markets.
Georgia Yexley, Mobike
As the global marketing manager for Mobike, Georgia Yexley’s work has taken her from London to Beijing and all around the world, managing the rapid expansion of the mobile-first bicycle rental company. She came about the company in March 2017 as global social media manager, but quickly advanced to her current role, when she controls brand development, corporate comms, events, partnerships and ad sales in addition to social.
Her speedy rise matches the pace at which Mobike operates. The firm is less than four years old but already operates in over 200 cities, providing more than 25m rides a day using a fleet of over 7m smart bicycles. Yexley has helped maintain the firm’s momentum with smart, efficient marketing that focuses on developing a global bike share culture and collaborating closely with partner cities.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on our People's Choice categories throughout the week, and don't forget to vote here before midnight on Friday 5 October.