Case Study: Mountain Dew uses mobile 360 to direct viewers to #GotHandles VR experience

Tyrone Stewart

Mountain Dew #GotHandlesPepsiCo carbonated soft drink brand Mountain Dew teamed with advertising agency OMD and Immersv, a mobile VR ad platform, to create a mobile 360° experience with its latest ad campaign.

‘The Professor Presents: #GotHandles’ ad campaign, which tapped Immersv’s mobile 360 and VR marketing platform, drove 63 per cent video completion rates and 22 per cent post-video click-through rates (CTR) – way above the average CTR for mobile video ad campaigns of just one per cent.

“The #GotHandles Mountain Dew video was an innovative campaign that required an innovative approach to distribution, and Immersv was the right partner to help us get it in front of the right audiences,” said Dario Raciti, director of zero code at OMD. “Results, from engagement and completion rates to gaze-through rates for the call-to-action, showed consumers loved Mountain Dew’s VR content and Immersv was the right partner to help us promote it.”

The #GotHandles VR experience pits users up against Grayson Boucher, a street basketball player known as ‘The Professor’ for the skills he displays on the court. It challenges users to see how many of The Professor’s moves they can complete.

The experience’s accompanying 360° ad was run across Immersv’s network of mobile 360 and VR app publishers. The ad ends by directing users to where they can download the experience and begin playing themselves.

“We commend Mountain Dew and OMD for recognizing the tremendous opportunity for brands to engage with consumers through VR,” said Mihir Shah, CEO of Immersv. “The exceptional results from the #GotHandles campaign demonstrates the power of mobile 360 videos and VR experiences, while proving that digital advertising is shifting away from traditional pre-roll videos to more interactive and immersive advertising experiences.”