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Periscope Adds Permanent Streams, Hashtags and Drone Support

Alex Spencer

PeriscopeTwitter-owned livestreaming app Periscope has unveiled a raft of new features for its iOS app.

First up is the addition of search by title or topic, with hashtagged topics like #Travel, #Music or #Food appearing when users search.

Also coming to the app is support for broadcasting from drones, which will receive their own special category, alongside GoPros, in search. Any user with an iPhone and a supported DJI drone can broadcast the footage directly onto Periscope, with added voice narration or overlaid drawings created on the handset.

This feature has already been by restaurant ratings brand Zagat, which broadcast footage from a drone flying over a farm in New York.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, is the ability to save streams beyond the 24-hour mark. This feature launched in a public beta last week, but will be incorporated as the default setting for Periscope broadcasts going forward. This hugely expands the potential audience for Periscope content, beyond those that happen to be present while it's live.

The three features are set to launch some time in the next few weeks.