Personalisation: Mobivity increase revenue by over 42 per cent

Marketing agency Mobivity has increased its annual revenue by over 42 per cent as more restaurants in the US used its customer personalisation platform.

The company’s annual recurring revenue increased to $12.2m in 2018 from $8.6m in the previous year as it acquired SaaS digital loyalty solution Belly in 2018. The business says its now present in 36,000 locations and serves 17m consumers.

Mr. Becker continued, “Mobivity is well positioned to ride the growing wave of marketing spend shifting to a data-driven, personalised, one-to-one engagement between brands and consumers.

Mobivity says its Recurrency suite of products allows brands to access point-of-sale transaction records in brick and mortar stores, analyse customer habits, and motivate customers and employees through messaging applications and rewards using data.

Recently it revealed the results of a pilot project with food retailer Blimbie where it managed to increase average customer spend by 11 per cent.

Personalisation in marketing is tipped to evolve further in 2019 as 80 per cent of consumers say they would be more likely to do business with a company if they provide a personalised experience, according to Epsilon. The survey also found that 90 per cent of consumers find personalisation appealing.

Providing offers based on a consumer’s physical location (29 per cent) and giving offers based on past purchases or preferences (29 per cent) were the top two most motivating personalised experiences cited by consumers.