Peter-Service launches its international business strategy under 'Nexign' brand

Tyrone Stewart - Sponsored by: Peter-Service

Peter-Service NexignPeter-Service, a mobile network billing solutions company, has launched its international business strategy under a new brand to align with its goal of becoming a global force in offering advanced technological solutions to operators.

The new brand, called ‘Nexign’, is part of the company’s 2018 to 2020 business strategy, in which time it aims to become an influential player in the global market. Under Nexign, the company has set a new mission of boosting the business potential of telecom service providers for the digital economy era through the development and delivering of products in an agile, partnership-based engagement model. 

"For the past 25 years, the market has known us as Peter-Service. We are the leader in the Russian market and one of the global leaders in integrated revenue & customer management products, specialising in the development, implementation and maintenance of BSS systems,” said Igor Gorkov, CEO of Peter-Service.

“We are very proud of all we have achieved over the last 25 years and we want to maintain the best aspects of Peter-Service in the future. However, we are now entering the global market as a result-oriented innovator and it was therefore important that we start the changes from within. We have therefore redefined our brand promise, image and corporate identity and ultimately use this as a foundation for the 2018-2020 strategy,”

For the company, the ‘Nexign’ name embodies ideas of an innovative approach to business, while the new logo and corporate identity graphically demonstrates the image of a reliable partner and a strong player in the global telecom market.

“Nexign is a supplier that is able to adapt to the changing conditions and challenges of the market. We work so that our customers can take a new step in growing their business,” added Gorkov. “We have always shown a firm commitment to engineering excellence, a culture of teamwork and cooperation, focusing on product quality, reliability and flexibility in working with our customers. These characteristics shall always be kept at the core of who we are.

“As a sign of the continuity of the new brand and as a sign of respect for our past, we have retained our colour - green. But we are looking ahead - into the future - and are ready for changes, so the shade of green is more fresh and energetic.”

The company also this week launched three new products at Mobile World Congress. The digital BSS offers a cutting-edge solution that delivers all the elements required by operators in the digital era, while Network Monetisation delivers a suite that maximises value in networks and IT investments, and IoT Platform address the importance of connectivity management and the monetisation potential of analytics and vertical applications.