PGMBM issues £18bn class action claim against EasyJet over data breach

International law firm PGMBM has issued a class action claim in the High Court of London on behalf of easyJet customers impacted by a significant data breach, with a potential liability of £18bn, or £2,000 per impacted customer.

EasyJet announced on 19 May that sensitive personal data of 9m customers from around the world had been exposed in a data breach. The breach itself occurred in January 2020, but despite notifying the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office at that time, EasyJet waited four months to notify its customers.

The sensitive personal data leaked includes full names, email addresses and travel data that included departure dates, arrival dates and booking dates. In particular, PGMBM said, the exposure of details of individuals’ personal travel patterns may pose security risks to individuals and is a gross invasion of privacy.

Under Article 82 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), customers have a right to compensation for inconvenience, distress, annoyance and loss of control of their personal data.

PGMBM has now issued the claim form on behalf of impacted customers, having been contacted by numerous affected people when the data breach was made public. PGMBM will now be seeking a group litigation order and are urging all of those affected to come forward and join the claim to purse compensation.

All affected EasyJet customers from around the world can join the claim on a no-win, no-fee basis at They may be entitled to £2,000 each in compensation. With nine million customers’ data known to have been leaked, easyJet’s potential liability is £18 billion.

“This is a monumental data breach and a terrible failure of responsibility that has a serious impact on EasyJet’s customers,” said PGMBM managing partner, Tom Goodhead. “This is personal information that we trust companies with, and customers rightly expect that every effort is made to protect their privacy. Unfortunately, easyJet has leaked sensitive personal information of 9m customers from all around of the world.”