phling! Achieves Java Verified Status

Oxy Systems, which develops advanced platforms for mobile applications and services, has revealed that its award-winning phling! MusicLounge solution has been ratified by the Java Verified Program.
Being Java Verified ensures that phling! has met stringent quality standards following industry- recognized test criteria. For consumers, this accreditation is assurance that phling! is an application of the highest standard and will work across numerous devices.
We are delighted to have met the strict testing process to achieve accreditation from the Java Verified Program, says Oxy Systems VP of Marketing, Graeme Smith. 2008 will be a defining year for the mobile music industry and we intend to continue our expansion both domestically in the US and Internationally across Europe.
Oxy Systems phling! MusicLounge transforms mobile music from the traditional solo listening experience into a music-based social experience. Providing real-time mobile access to a subscribers own PC-based music and media collections, it also offers access to new music and the opportunity to share and discover, all in a social networking environment and all from the mobile phone.   
While listening to music, phling! users can browse other users profiles, their music libraries, and what they are currently listening to and exchange messages via personal bulletin boards. Users can also view song ratings, submit song ratings, find the most popular songs, whats been most recently played and find out who has recently joined the global, cross carrier, international phling! community.

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