PhonepayPlus Publishes New Code of Practice

PhonepayPlus, the UK regulator of premium rate telephone services (PRS), today published its new Code of Practice for the PRS industry. 

The organisation says it has designed the new code to take advantage of digital technology, including social networking and smartphone apps.

The new Code follows wide consultation with industry and other stakeholders, and is designed for the digital age, according to PhonepayPlus. 

The new Code of Practice is built around “consumer outcomes”, and focuses on pricing transparency, good customer service, and protecting consumers privacy. 

For the first time, PhonepayPlus will directly regulate every part of the PRS value-chain, ensuring that all providers share responsibility for delivering good consumer outcomes, while allowing the regulator to better target that minority of providers who cause consumer harm, says PhonepayPlus. 

“The result of over two years development, including in-depth consultation with industry and consumer stakeholders, our new Code of Practice is designed to be fit for the future,” says PhonepayPlus chief executive, Paul Whiteing. 

Whiteing says the Code of Practice is flexible enough to cope with the fast pace of innovation in the PRS space. “2010 saw an explosion in virtual goods, with the market driven by social networking sites expanding by over 400 per cent,” he says. “We look forward to working with the PRS industry to build and sustain consumer confidence in these exciting new markets.”