Phonevalley Campaign Drives OU Recruitment

Mobile marketing agency Phonevalley has devised a mobile marketing strategy to help The Open University to recruit new enquirers and generate extra registrations. Phonevalley designed two mobile marketing waves at the end of 2008 and from April to June 2009. Both were developed in partnership with Zed Media.
The first campaign was centered around two different versions of a recruitment MMS, one aimed at 17-18 year-olds, the other at 19-21 year-olds. Both messages encouraged subscribers to click on the MMS and order a free prospectus from The Open University. From 25 November to 5 December, Phonevalley issue the MMS messages to Blyk subscribers, and almost 5% of subscribers clicked through to the site to request the prospectus.
For the second wave of the campaign, which ran from 24 April to 30 June, Phonevalley designed a display media plan on major UK mobile portals, includingVodafone Live!, Planet 3, O2 Active and Orange World. Conversion rates from this campaign were 2.6%.