pinpoint Targets Last Minute Shoppers for Valentines Day Flowers

shutterstock_362450165Online florist Arena Flowers has partnered with pinpoint, the location-based mobile ad platform owned by Trinity Mirror, to run a mobile campaign aimed at people seeking a last minute gift for Valentines Day.

The campaign used location data gathered through Trinity Mirrors apps to target a segment of “last minute, dotcom” consumers who would be most receptive to the campaign, and delivered push notifications with a timely reminder of the impending holiday, along with a voucher for free delivery through Arena Flowers.

“When the audience profile is steeped in a location insight, it often performs better,” said Tim Jones, sales director at pinpoint. “Were going to build the business on finding a fit with advertisers that really want to use location insights to drive a tighter audience fit.”

The firm is built on top of Trinity Mirrors network of 16 national and regional news apps, including brands like The Mirror, The Daily Record and The People, and uses hyper-local data gathered from these apps to generate audience segments and target campaigns.

The company has deployed campaigns for Comic Relief, Marks & Spencers, Argos and Virgin Trains in the past, and has recently opened business with Camelot, Deezer and The Trainline.