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Pinterest adds Pincodes to enable brands to drive traffic to their boards

David Murphy

Quikkly has announced a partnership with Pinterest to power Pincodes. These are custom codes that users can scan with their phone’s camera from within the Pinterest app to discover curated ideas, products and other content on Pinterest from brands and publishers.

Quikkly provides custom, scannable code solutions for app developers in the form of SDKs. Quikkly’s standard offering includes a choice of over 40 customisable code templates, with bespoke services for larger customers who want to design and deploy custom designs to suit their brand.

Powered by Quikkly’s code generation technology and scanning libraries, Pincodes link to a Pinterest board or a profile. Brands can share physical Pincodes more or less anywhere, including in-store, on packaging, in magazines and on ads. Pinterest users open the app, scan the code and are taken to the linked content within the app. If you have the Pinterest app on your phone, try scanning the large image in the photo above to try it for yourself. 

Nordstrom, Kia and Real Simple are namechecked as brands who are currently on board with Pincodes, with more to come.

“We are delighted to work with a company with the scale and vision of Pinterest to bring an innovative scannable design to their customers,” said Quikkly COO David Kerrigan. “A one-touch scan is a great way to connect people and brands and the Pinterest use case is among the best we’ve seen.”

Pinterest has also added to its visual search offering with the launch of Lens Your Look. This is a new way for users to find outfit ideas inspired by their wardrobe. It lets users add a photo of an item from their wardrobe to their text search, so someone looking for new ways to wear a denim jacket they own can add a photo of the jacket to their search to find stuff that would go with it.