Pinterest unveils new AI advertising tools

Pinterest has launched a range of new features for advertisers, aimed at enhancing campaign performance via advanced AI-driven tools.

As part of the new additions, the social media giant launched an AI-based automated ad campaign system, ‘Performance+’, which optimises all aspects of Promoted Pin creation, minimising the need for manual input.

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As a result, advertisers can achieve better results by leveraging Pinterest’s ad creation and audience-matching capabilities, the company stated.

This comes as early testing by Pinterest revealed most advertisers saw over a 10% improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) for Conversion and Catalog sales campaigns, or a similar improvement in cost per click (CPC) for Consideration campaigns.

Meanwhile, the Performance+ tools have cut campaign creation time in half, enhancing Pin performance with minimal effort.

Another new feature on the platform is personalised background generation for product images, which personalises the creative aspect of ads by aligning product images with the aesthetic preferences of individual users.

Pinterest’s system generates personalised lifestyle backgrounds for Product Pins, enhancing engagement.

For example, if a user prefers a specific aesthetic style, the AI tool will tailor the product background to match, providing more relevant context and potentially increasing user interest and interaction.

Pinterest is also exploring the integration of its “Shuffles” app into its main platform by introducing ad collages, it revealed.

This feature allows advertisers to create engaging collages with product listings attached to each image.
Advertisers can now tag products in their collages and promote them as Showcase or Collection ads, enabling users to tap and learn more about the featured brands and products.

These updates are part of Pinterest’s new “Ad Labs” innovation program, designed to test and refine new creative and advertising tools for brands.