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Pinterest introduces new shopping features

Alyssa Clementi

Pinterest has created a series of new features that will enable brands to advertise their entire product catalogue, so shoppers can easily browse, pin, and buy items. Pinterest said it has been working towards making the online shopping experience more efficient for consumers who are looking for inspiration on the site, and brands who need to expand their audiences.

Using the self-serve Tools Manager feature, brands can now upload and manage their unique Shopping Ads. Once a product is uploaded, the company can choose to promote that specific item for more views and interactions. Businesses also have the option of uploading their entire catalogue, turning those items into 'Product Pins', and controlling their products on the new Pinterest dashboard.

Shoppers who want to see more from a specific brand will soon be able to by selecting the 'more from' option on Product Pins. Consumers will also gain access to personalized shopping recommendations by selecting 'more ideas' followed by the shopping tag, so they may browse, pin and purchase those recommendations. Pinterest has also added a shopping search bar, so users can type “yellow skirt” or “blue hat”, and all options in that category will appear.

“For us, it’s not just about adding one or two shopping features—shopping is everywhere on Pinterest. You can search right from home feed for in-stock products, or visually search an object in a Pin to learn where to buy it, scroll beneath any style or home Pin to see Related Products, or discover new styles through personalized recommendations,” said Pinterest in a post.