EXCLUSIVE: Why Pinterest Predicts is a ‘cheat sheet’ for marketers

Pinterest UK’s Director of Marketing, Louise Richardson, has described the social media giants yearly look at the trends to come as a “cheat sheet” for marketers.

“It can provide them with the richness and robustness of data and long-lasting trends that tap into new consumer desires, with the longevity they need to take advantage of them,” she told Mobile Marketing Magazine.

As a result, the social media giant has identified 23 individual trends for the year ahead including “Give it a Scrap”, where users want to repurpose fabric for custom clothing and are increasingly concerned about food sustainability, “Big Talk”, where people are going online to find ways to build deeper offline connections and “Kitschens”, where users Gen X and Boomers will incorporate thrift finds, vintage appliances and vibrant colours to their kitchen designs.

Other predicted trends include: “Making a Racket”, where Badminton is set to become bigger, alongside a rise in ‘Knockout Workouts’ and more Gen Z doubling down on luxury lotions and in-home spa experiences, with searches for ‘body skin care routine’ already up by a jaw-dropping 1025%.

“People come to Pinterest to plan – whether that’s their next meal, their next look, holiday or home upgrade. It’s this planning mindset, and the searches they make, that makes our Pinterest Predicts report and trends uniquely future forward,” Richardson added.

“Access to these insights into what people are looking for, planning to do, and set to shop next, gives brands the valuable ability to create relevant and engaging campaigns. It also presents exciting new shifts across industries.”

She concluded: “Ultimately helping them increase their impact across 2024 marketing plans, product roadmap or even content calendar, connecting with their audience around them.”