Pinterest releases Inspiration Nation report

Pinterest has teamed up with digital insight and strategy company, Sparkler to release its Inspiration Nation report – unveiling new audience research designed to help advertisers better understand who the UK Pinterest audience is and how to communicate with them more effectively in their brand campaigns. 

As they look to reset how they engage with customers post-pandemic, many are struggling to identify where their audiences have landed and how they will target them in the future. 

Pinterests report breaks down the UK Pinterest audience into segments that brands can authentically reach as an essential part of their marketing mix. 

These include The Conscious Go-Getter, a highly entrepreneurial and achievement driven segment, whose business-minded behaviour ranges from upcycling clothes to launching a make-up company, The Authentic Explorers who love to be outdoors and amongst nature, The Digital Doers, a segment of self-defined geeks who love all things tech, including gaming, high tech vehicles, gadgets and cryptocurrencies, and The Aesthetic Seekers who love fashion, art, design and see how they look as a creative expression of themselves. 

“For so long, marketers have been planning, buying, and creating ads for what we think people want, and not what they actually want. Our research identifies how unique and diverse each audience actually is and enables us to prove the value and range of opportunities available on Pinterest to connect with them” says Director of Business Marketing for EMEA at Pinterest, Visha Naul. “Pinterest is a diverse mix of dreamers, makers, creators and doers who all come to the platform looking to create an authentic vision for their future and build genuine experiences. Marketers tapping into Pinterest have the chance to shape it and even inform it.”