Pinterest releases Top 100 trends of 2019

Pinterest  has released its list of the Pinterest 100 top trends, spanning across 10 categories, including food, style, beauty, travel and home décor. At the end of each year, popular trends are reviewed and analyzed by the Pinterest data insights team, while they look to identify up-and-coming consumer patterns.

The trends aim to help businesses get a head start on the expected product and service demands of the coming year. They are based on  the 175bn ideas that have been saved to 3bn boards on Pinterest, resulting in a more accurate prediction of new consumer trends.

Pinterest said that previous P100 reports have led to successful initiatives based on its insights, such as Michaels Stores, one of the largest arts and crafts retailers in the US, who created a Make It Kit to help consumers discover and try last year’s shibori cloth trend. Another example is how Hewlett Packard noticed – thanks to the Pinterest 100 – that printable artwork was trending on Pinterest, and decided to create pins with free, printable art to reach interested Pinners.
You can access the report here.