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Pinterest opens up Search Ads to all businesses

Tyrone Stewart

Pinterest Search AdsFollowing the introduction of search advertising for its partners earlier this year, Pinterest has decided to open it up to all businesses by adding the suite of solutions to its Ads Manager.

With the addition of Search Ads to the Ads Manager, businesses will be able to target customers searching for products on Pinterest with an ad related to their search query.

Through Search Ads, businesses can target using broad, phrase and exact match keywords, depending on how wide of an audience they intend to reach. In addition, they can exclude terms to increase relevance.

“Over 2bn searches happen on Pinterest every month. And 97 per cent of those searches are unbranded, which is why Pinterest is such an effective place to reach people while they’re still considering their next buying decision. Plus, everything on Pinterest is visual, so it’s easy for people to spot ideas that inspire them to try something new,” said Umesh Unnikrishnan, head of product for Search Ads at Pinterest, in a blog post.

Pinterest is also using its Taste Graph to test an autotargeting feature. The feature automatically targets people searching for relevant ideas through the Taste Graphs insights into users.

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