Pixels Launches Mobile Ad Network in Hong Kong

PixelsHong Kong-based ad firm Pixels has launched its mobile ad network, along with a revamped line-up of mobile HTML5 ad formats.

The ad network is consists of inventory from over 50 top tier mobile apps and sites, which Pixels says generated a total 230m page views in August 2015.

“We see the launch of our mobile ad network as a strong complement to our premium guaranteed app specific offering,” said Kevin Huang. As mobile consumption  continues to grow in Hong Kong, advertisers are already seeking more ways to reach their audience. The Pixels Mobile Ad Network offers one of, if not the strongest value proposition to brands in Hong Kong with brand safety and transparency safe guards in mind.”

Meanwhile, three in-app ad formats have been introduced to Pixels Rich Media 5 suite. ActiVoice enables voice commands, VRical uses 360° panoramic photos, while Real Time Weather makes it possible to optimise based on the current temperature, weather and UV Index conditions.