Placecast Launches RTB Platform for Mobile Location Ads

Placecast has launched an RTB platform for buying mobile location ads from exchanges including MoPub – just bought by Twitter – as well as PubMatic and Smaato. 

Using PlaceAd, advertisers can target and optimise their location messaging across thousands of different publishers, using further data including age, gender, interests, device type, operating system, time of day and weather. Ad creatives can be dynamically updated to tailor to different contexts.

Media buyers will be able to access campaign reporting on performance at store level, including heatmaps showing the intensity of impressions and ad engagement at target locations. The platform also supports third party ad serving software like DoubleClick and Atlas.

The company says its solution addresses issues with mobile ad fragmentation and enables advertisers to buy location campaigns at scale. Placecast has been working for seven years on location-based ads and has delivered campaigns for brands including Starbucks, L’Oreal and Pizza Hut.