The Future of Mobile

Placecast Report Looks at Mobile in Retail

David Murphy

US-based mobile marketing firm Placecast has released a report titled Retail Goes Mobile: Finding New Consumer Connections Through Mobile Devices. The report, authored by by Kathryn Koegel, President of Primary Impact Research, focuses on the use of mobile marketing within the retail sector.

The report looks as changes in media consumption, including the shift from print to digital media with wireless access. It also considers the pros and cons of different mobile marketing tactics in the retail sector, and looks at the texting phenomenon.

Mobile phones now have consumer penetration rates that surpass the Internet, and marketers need to grasp the implications of go-anywhere media, which is what mobile phones represent, says Koegel. Consumers use their phones to do everything from research products to check competitor retail pricing even from within store locations.

Earlier this year, Placecast announced the launch of ShopAlerts, an opt-in program which delivers messages about sales to consumers as they enter a geo-fence surrounding a physical location. A Placecast ShopAlerts case study, which is included in the Retail Goes Mobile report, found that 75% of users found messages somewhat to very useful, and that 73% would definitely or probably use ShopAlerts in the future.

Most recently, Placecast announced its Match API (Application Programming Interface) a free tool that enables location content providers and location-based application developers to refer to a location in any number of ways, and validate that those references resolve to one true location on the planet. The implications that ShopAlerts and Match have for the retail ecosystem are numerous, says Placecast, including an increased focus on improving location-based services and attracting marketing spend.

The report is available as a free download here.