#PlayWithPringles TikTok campaign racks up 230m views in less than three weeks

Pringles has released impressive initial results from it’s first TikTok campaign. The crisp brand launched #PlayWithPringles on TikTok in Germany on 24 April, and the challenge amassed millions of views in just a few hours. Pringles, which goes by the handle of @pringles_de on TikTok, is challenging fans to get creative with the famous cylinder tube or saddle chip through dance, forced perspective, comedy, music and more.

The viral challenge has become the second most successful brand campaign in terms of views on the video-sharing platform in Germany this year having amassed over 230m views to date. 87,575 users got creative with the challenge with 151,000 videos being created so far. These videos have racked up 92.7m views.

To promote its hashtag challenge, Pringles is working with influencers Jamootv, Jenny and Marco, Jokah Tululu, Bathuhendl, Theo Carow, Aline Jost and Cindy Minni who have a total following of 7.4 million. Their creative attempts using the iconic cylinder tube resulted in over 1.4m views so far.
The TikTok hashtag challenge will be also promoted on 600 digital screens across 120 Edeka stores in Germany.

The decision to start the hashtag challenge came after the brand saw that TikTok users were already using Pringles in fun and creative ways. The campaign was part of Pringles’ digital strategy to reach consumers in their homes and to elevate digital socialising. This also includes a Pringles 3D filter than can be used on Snapchat, Zoom and Skype, as well as a range of Pringles stickers that can be used on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

“Fun has always been at the core of everything we do at Pringles, and that’s exactly what we want to offer people while they are virtually connecting with friends now that they can’t do it physically,” said Pringles VP, Miranda Prins. It has been amazing to see the response to our challenge and even better to see the creative ways people are using our product for TikTok videos.”