Pokémon Go Adds New Monsters as it Becomes Retailers' Dream

Tyrone Stewart

Pokémon Go Xmas PikachuPokémon Go is showing continuing signs of resurgence as it introduces new Pokémon to the game from the Gold and Silver editions. Players will be able to hatch eggs to find Togepi, Pichu and several others. The update is accompanied by a limited edition festive hat-wearing Pikachu, available all over the world until 29 December.

Just recently, the popular pocket monster app partnered both Sprint and Starbucks in the US – opening up a host of new gyms, Pokéstops and in-game items to players Stateside. These partnerships could signal an ideal time for other retailers to hop on board the Pokémon Go train as it gets back on track.

In a survey of 1,885 US people, conducted by Fluent, 57 per cent of people with Pokémon Go said they had visited a store or restaurant for Pokémon – with 81 per cent of those making a purchase at the location as a result.

“Retailers are constantly trying to figure out new ways to connect with potential shoppers in a sincere way. With so many people relying on their mobile devices as a means to avoid the lines and stress of shopping in-store before the holidays, Pokémon Go offers a way to get customers physically in the store,” said Nick Farinella, GM of mobile solutions at Fluent.

He added: “Good deals and discounts aren’t always enough to drive foot traffic, especially when consumers can find equally good deals online. Interactive games like Pokémon Go give additional incentive for people to leave their house and go shopping. Retailers now have a way to use mobile devices to their advantage, rather than competing with them for in-store sales.”

The survey, where participants were aged 18 and over, found that 20 per cent of respondents had downloaded Pokémon Go.