Pokémon Go Catches Revenues of $160m in First Month

Alex Spencer

Pokémon Go has made more than $160m (£120m) in the four weeks since it first launched, according to figures from app store optimisation firm Sensor Tower.

The game is monetised through an in-app currency that users can purchase in order to buy game items including pokéballs, lure modules which can be attached to a location, and even storage upgrades for items or Pokémon.

Pokémon Go has attracted criticism from players for its various technical issues, in particular the 1.1.0 update released on 30 July which fixed problems with the game's 'Nearby' distance tracker by simply removing it. Since this update, 51 per cent of reviews the app has received on the US App Store – and 75 per cent in Japan – have had one-star ratings.

However, Sensor Tower says this backlash hasn't affected engagement. Players open the app an average of six times a day, a number that has remained static. In fact, the average daily usage is actually slightly up, at 26 minutes and five seconds, compared to 25 minutes and 40 seconds in the previous week.

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