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McDonald's Partnering with Pokémon Go for Sponsored Gyms?

Alex Spencer

Pokemon Go PokeballAs Pokémon Go continues along its route to world domination, a planned sponsorship deal with McDonald's has reportedly been uncovered in the Android app.

Users have posted on Reddit claiming to have found references to the fast-food brand within the app's code, as well as an image of its famous yellow-arches logo.

Developer Niantic told the Financial Times that it was planning to add 'sponsored locations' to the app, as a way of monetising its enormous player base beyond its in-app 'Pokécoin' currency. McDonald's looks set to be the first advertiser to take advantage of this offering, with speculation hinting that its restaurant locations will be turned into in-game 'Gyms' where player can battle.

Of course, not every business is waiting for an official launch to try and turn Pokémon Go's success into a marketing opportunity. For more on that topic, read our article about how pubs, restaurants and other merchants are using the 'Lure Module' method to their advantage.

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