Pokémon Go Surpasses $1bn in Worldwide Revenues

Tyrone Stewart

Pokemon Go CharizardPokémon Go has surpassed $1bn in worldwide gross revenue on the App Store and Play Store – making it the fastest mobile games in the history of the app stores to do so.

According to Sensor Tower, the AR phenomenon – released 6 July 2016 – has reached the milestone just shy of its seven-month birthday. In its first month alone, it achieved revenues of $160m. Despite fluctuating popularity, the game still has a lot more to give after recently arriving in South Korea and the upcoming long-anticipated addition of Generation two Pokémon. Niantic is also said to be exploring a possible venture into China, however, it would have contend with various government restrictions.

By comparison, Clash Royale – the other major mobile game from 2016 – grossed around $550m in its first seven months.

Elsewhere in Nintendo mobile game land, though Pokémon Go is a majority Niantic game, Nintendo has announced its intentions to release two to three mobile titles every year – as it released its latest mobile game to Android and iOS, following Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem: Heroes.