Polar Mobile User Figures Head North

Polar Mobile has revealed that applications built using the company's SMART content and advertising platform are now being used by more than 1 million people around the world. Media publishers are using the proprietary SMART push-publishing platform to launch custom-branded mobile applications to enable their readers to access content from their favourite brands faster than by browsing through traditional mobile websites. Since its debut applications for Rogers Media – Canada's largest publisher – launched in February 2008, Polar Mobile has launched more than 50 applications for brands including TIME Magazine, Business Week, CNNMoney, Maclean's and Hockey News.
Media applications drive repeat value to consumers, advertisers and publishers by consistently delivering new content, says Polar Mobile CEO, Kunal Gupta. Contrary to published reports suggesting usage rapidly declines soon after an application is downloaded, Polar Mobile sees usage of our applications increasing over time. Polar Mobile applications are engaging and easy to use, so consumers visit them every daym and our customers gain an important brand- and community-building tool on a take-everywhere device.
Polar Mobile's SMART content and advertising mobile platform extends online content to mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Smartphones through native applications. SMART enables media companies to launch custom-branded mobile applications suited to their audiences, and tools for advertising and analytics. Polar Mobile says that customers are realizing clickthrough rates as much as 15 times greater than they do via the web.
Applications are tailored for customers' specific audiences. The recently-launched application built for BusinessWeek, for example, gives users top global business news and market analysis, and also allows them to set up personalized watch lists and create customized channels that organize the news as they want to read it.
There is no question that publications like TIME Magazine require a robust mobile presence, says John Paris, Director of Mobile Products at Time Inc., publisher of TIME Magazine. Though TIME Magazine's mobile apps launched by Polar Mobile for BlackBerry and iPhone Smartphones are still relatively new, early data justifies our investment in mobile content. Not even two months old, TIME's mobile apps already topped more than 200,000 users and have been opened well over a million times. The average user opens the TIME mobile app at least once every four days. But what is most exciting to us is the social networking implications as we see thousands of articles posted to Twitter, Delicious or sent to users' friends via email.
Theres a list of the 50+ Polar Mobile applications, most of them available for free, here.