Pontis Launches Analytics, Engagement and Execution Solution

Pontis Udi Ziv
Ziv: “Solution revolutionizes the way operators manage the mobile data business

Pontis has launched a contextual analytics, engagement and execution solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The company says the solution is designed to increase mobile data service adoption, open new monetization opportunities with OTT partners, and optimize customers service experience.

The solution uses an analytical model to build the data profile of each customer and automatically engage with them in a personalized manner. It features full integration to DPI and PCRF network systems, enabling CSPs to execute personalized actions that leverage the real-time context of each customer, including customer engagement, product activation and price plans, and to applydynamic network policies such as zero-rate data.

“Simplified fixed data price plans have become the prevailing approach in many markets. However, they fail to maximize revenue potential and properly address the customers dynamic digital lifestyles” said Pontis CEO, Udi Ziv. “Our new solution revolutionizes the way operators manage the mobile data business by tailoring the relevant experience for every customer at any time. Most importantly, we’ve demonstrated that our contextual and personal engagement dramatically improves service adoption, usage, and satisfaction, leading to increase in data revenues by 15 per cent.”

Pontis says the solution can be applied differently as the CSPs data strategies evolve to focus on service adoption, monetization, or service experience. It supports a wide range of business needs and use cases such as migration from 3G to 4G ad-hoc speed boosters, on-demand services, bridge bundles, application-based differentiation, sponsored data with OTT partners, and more.