Powerlinks and Respond Partner for Native Ad SSP

Respond has been in the native ad game longer than most
Respond has been in the native ad game longer than most

Programmatic native ad platform Powerlinks has teamed up with native advertising publisher platform Respond to create a Native SSP (Supply Side Platform).

The Respond SSP, built on top of PowerLinks’ technology, pairs demand from global buyers on the PowerLinks’ open exchange, with rich media and responsive features from the Respond Platform. The companies say the platform will enable publishers to create, manage and deliver custom native units that fit the look and feel of their site, using their existing ad technology.

The Respond SSP gives publishers an easy way to access multiple sources of other non-standard and native demand in one place, from global trading desks, networks, DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) and content marketing platforms. The platform also offers publishers complete control over the floor price, approval lists and ad types. Each ad is styled to the specific site design, made responsive for every device, and served through the publishers’ existing ad server to their existing ad tags, so no tech integration or workflow changes are required.

A recent study from Hexagram and Spada suggested that approximately 62 per cent of publishers and 41% per cent of advertisers have begun to incorporate native into their strategy to harness improved engagement rates and better contextual relevancy.

“Our publisher clients want to generate native ad revenue beyond direct sales without adding more complexity to their tech stack, and without changing their workflows,” said Respond co-founder, Guy Cookson. “Our new Native SSP gives publishers a simple way to monetise their unsold native inventory from the world’s leading sources of demand, in one place, through their existing ad server.”