Poynt Hands European Ad Brief to Adfonic

As part of its drive to expand into the UK and other European markets with its award-winning mobile local search application, Poynt has appointed Adfonic as its exclusive advertising supplier for Europe. Poynt is the first publisher to fully integrate location-based services with Adfonic’s technology platform.

Poynt is a GPS-enabled app that connects consumers to local businesses, restaurants and cinemas at the moment they want to buy products or services. Poynt gives consumers the ability to move beyond discovery of their local area to view movie trailers and programme times, book restaurant reservations, view directions on a map, click-to-call the business, or view its website.

Using its established market traction with a large number of brands, including top cinema outlets, financial institutions and restaurants, Adfonic will deliver location-based advertising inventory in European countries where Poynt is available, specifically the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. By fully integrating its location-based services with the Adfonic marketplace, Poynt says it can take advantage of advanced contextual advertising capabilities to deliver unique opportunities to brands, including premier sponsorship placements. For example, a brand could sponsor a Poynt search vertical such as ‘Businesses’, while also connecting advertisers with customers based on their specific search interests such as pizza restaurants, coffee shops or pet stores.

“Advertising that is relevant to a consumer’s need, at the time they are looking for a product or service, is powerful for both the merchant and consumer,” says Poynt CEO, Andrew Osis. “Europe is an important market for Poynt and we are happy to continue this growth with a company whose global reach includes strong localised inventory.”