Prague the Venue for Mobile Ad Conference

VIBtelecoms is staging a two-day conference, Mobile Advertising and Marketing: Delivering Revenue and Effective Strategies in Prague from 18 19 November. With research figures demonstrating the vast revenue potential of mobile advertising and marketing, the telecoms sector is investing heavily in developing effective delivery strategies. However, the company notes, with a complex value chain and numerous market challenges, a successful strategy is not as easy to come by as the flourishing stats might suggest.
With this in mind, the conference will present practical experiences from leading companies, including We Love Mobile, Sprint, News international, Vodafone, O2, Orange and the Mobile Entertainment Forum, using case studies and interactive debates to deliver the information required by a growing industry sector.
The organizer says the conference will address the key elements involved in successfully deploying high-revenue business models, from establishing the mobile advertising and marketing landscape, through developing and evaluating models, to analysing advertising delivery and brand education. 
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