Premier Inn Launches App for New Tech-centred Brand

hub premier innTech-centred hotel brand Hub by Premier Inn has launched its booking app, enabling guests to organise their stay at its new hotel chain, the first of which opens in Covent Garden in November.

The hotels are designed around integrated technology, and as well as enabling booking, the app will give guests control over various room settings, such as temperature, light, and even the channel on the smart TV.

The app also includes a detailed local area guide which works in conjunction with an AR experience in the room to provide a wealth of information on experiences within the city. The Hub by Premier Inn brand has been in development  for four years, and aims to capture the imagination of guests who already rely on technology for many other aspects of their lives.

“Whether its for business or please, the way we choose to travel and experience a city is changing,” said Simon Ewins, business development director for Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants. “Apps are already revolutionising the way we order our groceries, book taxis, and check-in at airports, it was only a matter of time before the hotel experience followed suit.

With Hub by Premier Inn, we believe weve created a first-class technology-enhanced hotel experience, without compromising price, style or comfort. Launching bookings for Hub by Premier Inn with our app is the first step in demonstrating how, with a simple swipe or push of a button, our guests can be in total control of their own experience.”