Prepaid NFC Wallet Launches for iPhone 4 and 4S in the UK

An NFC wallet for the iPhone 4 and 4S which works with a microSD card attached to the outside of the handset is launching in the UK.

The prepaid moneto wallet has been created by Kalixa Group and DeviceFidelity, in association with Mastercard, and is compatible with all PayPass contactless payment machines.

iPhone 4 ad 4S owners can pre-order the contacless case today – we have reached out to establish when they will receive it – and the company says an Android wallet, which would have the tech hidden inside the phone, as well as iPhone 5 solution and more EU countries are on the way.

The team behind moneto doesnt appear to have the seamless experience that many would be expecting if they were to be convinced of ditching cards and cash. The concept of an add-on attachment is not new, we’ve been writing about NFC sticker/card solutions since 2009, and it has never really taken off. It is not quite clear how cumbersome the case is, but no doubt most smartphone owners would prefer it to be totally out of sight.

Customers add a pre-paid balance to the app, which has to be activated each time they make a payment, but if you want to make transactions over £20, you have to use the companion prepaid chip and PIN bank card.

Users can also check their account information on the move, check their balance, locate participating merchants and make wallet-to-wallet transactions. As the wallet isn’t directly connected to the user’s bank account, the user is protected if the phone is lost or stolen.