Preply to offer language lessons in the metaverse

Preply, which provides online language lessons, is to launch a language-lesson service in the metaverse, via Meta’s Horizon Workshop. It will offer its most affordable option, Group Sessions, on the platform, offering users the chance to improve their language skills with the added benefit of the social experience available in the metaverse.  Following initial sessions, Preply will evaluate the technology’s capabilities and how it can best be used to help learn languages.

“We are delighted to launch this new option,” said Preply Campaigns Manager, Daniele Saccardi. “Its in the DNA of Preply as a tech start-up to embrace the latest in technology and bring it to our users. We look forward to making the metaverse a regular part of our offering.”

Preply was founded in 2012 by Ukrainian entrepreneurs Kirill Bigai, Dmytro Voloshyn, and Serge Lukyanov. In 2013, following an initial angel investment of $180,000 (£150,000), the company expanded into Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Poland. In 2016, the Preply platform was restructured by adding a ranking algorithm of machine learning for recommendations and classification of tutors. In 2018, Preply Classroom (formerly Preply Place) was launched as the all-in-one language learning ecosystem with an integrated video platform, online chat and screen sharing. In 2019, the company opened an office in Barcelona, Spain, and expanded its services into UK, Germany, and Spain markets. As of September 2021, the app has received $50.6m of investment via eight funding rounds.